Joint Stock Company TMIM (OOO TMIM) follows modern principles of running business and its own corporate philosophy. It implies professionalism and competence, strict accomplishment of the accepted obligations, honesty and decency in mutual relations with associates. Result of activity of the holding company is a long-term unblemished reputation in opinion of our customers. Being dynamically developing science and production holding, using modern research and development projects, the advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of cooling towers construction in joint activities with leading science and research institutes of the Russian Federation, we modernized, as per the new energy saving technology, thousands cooling towers in petrochemical industry, power industry, steel mills, etc.

The 15-years of operating experience, revamping and construction of cooling towers shows, that the cooling towers constructed as per the conventional designs of the 50s, cannot provide energy saving and effective management of production processes, in what connection repairs as per the out-of-date technology, do not allow to increase an overall performance of cooling towers, but only cause an increase of non-productive costs.

Developed by us and successfully applied technology of revamping and construction of cooling towers with making use of highly effective blowers of new generation, allows reaching necessary depth of chilling of water, to reduce the number of cooling towers, due to an increase in their cooling capacity. Thus, due to deep water chilling, the volumes of return water to be pumped are also decreased.

Давлетшин Феликс Мубаракович
Felix M. Davletshin
General Director of the OOO
TMIM Holding Company
Candidate of Science


Here are some examples of revamping and construction of cooling towers in petrochemical industry, power industry, steel mills for last few years:
  1. OOO Uralorgsyntez, City of Chaikovsk – revamped are cooling towers CK-400, СК-1200, cell-type cooling towers, the number of cooling towers now is twice as less.
  2. ОOО "Magnitogorsk МК" (Steel mill) - revamped are 5-cells cooling tower F = 48 m², 2- cells cooling tower F = 164 m², chimney-type cooling tower BG-900. As a result of revamping cooling towers F = 192м х 5 without construction of additional cooling towers, a new largest factory of polymeric coatings is provided with sufficient cooling service. Revamping of chimney-type cooling tower F = 900 m2 allowed to double cooling capacity of the modernized cooling tower, that excluded necessity of construction of a new cooling tower for build-up of cooling capacity.
  3. We master serial production of cell-type cooling towers BMG-100, BМG-210М, BМG-600 with flow rate 50 - 2000 m ³/hour, complete with imported components, featuring the following options: soft start-up, 2 - speed mode of operation, monitoring, drying of insulation, an anti-icing system in a frequency and quasi- frequency modes. Cooling towers are erected in place of the forced cooling towers in the cities of Almetyevsk and Kazan, 10 cells of cooling towers in place of the cooling tower CK-400 in Dzerzhinsk for OAO Acrylate, 5 cells for OAO Оmutninskiy Steel Mill, at OAO Kuibyshevazot, at OAO Svyatogor, at the Steel Mill in Nizhniy Tagil, etc. These cooling towers operate in an automatic mode, consuming the electric power in 3 - 5 times less.
  4. At Vyksunskiy iron-and-steel works (the Nizhniy Novgorod region in 90 km from the city of Dzerzhinsk) revamped are 5-cells F = 64 m2, a cooling capacity is twice increased, that excluded necessity of construction of a new cooling tower for build-up of cooling capacity. Revamping of chimney-type cooling tower BG-576, after revamp out of 2 cooling towers there remained only one in operation.
  5. In 2004, we branched out into a new type of product: serial production of blowers of new generation, ВG-25М, ВG-50М, ВG-75М types, complete with control cabinets, featuring the following options: soft start-up, a 2-speed mode of operation (energy saving mode of operation at night time at 30 % of power), monitoring and drying of insulation in automatic mode. Due to the soft start-up and elimination of 7-fold shock loads for all elements, a life time of the blower multiplies in several times and makes more than 100000 hours without repair.

Also, we offer a recent development – a blower VG104M Model made completely of imported components, having a productivity of 3 million m ³/hour, average power consumption is 165 KW/hour. The blower has no bulky reduction gear, no turbine coupling with oil system, is completely adapted to existing high-voltage network of power supply, has soft start-up, a 2-speed mode of operation, energy-saving mode of operation at night at 30 % of power, monitoring. Thanks to high EFFICIENCY, soft start-up, monitoring and automatic control, the life-time of the blower exceeds 100000 hours. Currently, we are doing revamping of CК-400 Model cooling towers at OAO Voronezhsyntezkauchuk, OAO Rustaviazot, OAO Siburkhimprom in Perm.

Since 2003, we produce fire safe highly effective sprinkler blocks which can be installed by the customer at the construction site, that reduces cost of transportation in 2-3 times. The water traps of new generation produced by us, have aerodynamic resistances in 2.5 times less, than similar type of traps, which allows to increase intensity of draft in the cooling tower and to increase depth of chilling of water.

For the last 15 years, we have revamped hundreds of cooling towers at the factories in the Russian Federation, CIS and the far abroad, as per the energy saving technology. (See reference list).

In 2004, at thermal power station in Pavlodar region a chimney-type cooling tower BG-900 was revamped, the average temperature reduction of cooling water has made more than 27 °С, that provided additional condensation, power 5.5 megawatts.

In 2005, after we received beneficial effects at Pavlodar thermal power station, 2 chimney-type cooling towers BG-1600 were also revamped there.

I am very glad, that results of our activity are appreciated according to merit by those for whom we work, which is proved by repeated orders coming from our customers.

You can familiarize yourselves with results of our activity at scientific and technical conferences held from September 12 till September 16, 2005 in the city of Pavlodar and Magnitogorsk. In 2006 we plan to conduct similar seminars from September 12 till September 15 in Sterlitamak, Revda and Stepnogorsk (Kazakhstan).