Modernization example of cooling tower on our power saving up technology executed on the basis of the original patented technique air - gidro - heat engineering calculation of self-cleared two-planimetric system of water distribution OAO Uralorgsintez enterprise (Tchaikovsky city)

  1. The water block №1 - two were maintained cooling towers СК-400 before modernization and one is maintained, after modernization.
    а) power consumption before modernization (250+250+600) kw/hour = 1100 kw/hour;
    б) power consumption after modernization (250+400) kw = 650 kw/hour, i.e. in 1,7 times is less, thus difference of temperatures t=18÷22 °С; at the moment of measurement Т1=40 °С, Т2 = 20 °С
  2. The water block № 2 - two were maintained cooling tower SK-1200 before modernization, and one is maintained after modernization.
    а) power consumption before modernization (800+800+1000) кВт/час=2600 kw/hour;
    b) power consumption after modernization (400+700) кВт/час=1100 the kw/hour, i.e. in 2,37 times is less. In September cooling tower worked in a tower mode. The fan is disconnected. Temperature of chilled water Т2=18 °С; Q=5000÷6000 m³/hour.
  3. The water block № 3 is disconnected, consumers are connected to the water block №2. Are disconnected 2 cooling towes, power consumption is lowered on pumps (75+75+500)=650 kw/hour.

Signing of the certificate of the working commission about reception in operation reconstructed of cooling tower SK-400 has taken place. That has been made of what it has demanded efforts and that it will give, the best leading experts of the enterprise of OAO "URALORGSINTEZ" tell.

The chief of shop ViKoS Vyacheslav Grigorevich Chukavin:

- The question decision on reconstruction of cooling towers СК-1200 was given very hard. They have fulfilled two and a half operation term between repairs. And when we have started reconstruction, wooden parts in hands turned to dust. Therefore the made decision in such hard time was correct. The management has found possibility to finance this work and to include it in the plan of perspective development of the enterprise. After acceptance of the concrete decision we have started to study reconstruction variants.

In general cooling towers happen two types: chimney-type cooling tower and mechanical-draft tower. The principle of work chimney-type cooling tower is based on natural air circulation. And in mechanical-draft cooling tower air giving in cooling system is regulated by means of the fan. Chimney-type cooling tower possess smaller cooling possibilities, mechanical-draft cooling tower are capable to intensify cooling process approximately in 2-2,5 times.

We work today very unstably, our loadings vary in limits from 15 to 40÷50 megawatt and depend on volume of congestion of industrial shops. On the one hand, us would arrange also chimney-type cooling tower – the most simple and cheap. But in the design assignment it was provided also manufacture introduction of isoprene. And calculation has been executed on loading of 120 megawatt with the water expense in system of circulation of 11000 cubes at an o'clock with difference temperatures of 12 °С.

It is a lot of existing systems of water cooling. We have compared six variants, including technologies of the West German firm, Dzerzhinsky, Vladikavkaz, Nizhnekamsk and some more projects. The ООО "ТМИМ" having the richest experience in this branch, has developed absolutely new approach to building of systems of cooling.


- When I have seen project sketches, it became clear: it that is necessary to what we aspired and that is necessary for our enterprise. This system has so embodied all operational wishes that today it is possible to tell: another such cooling tower does not exist.

In this project regulation on two independent contours of an irrigation – internal and external was provided. And use of water elevating pipes as support for water distributive, irrigating and and drop systems allowed to receive about 30 % of economy of metal in supporting designs. Besides, this cooling tower can work in two variants: aschimney-type cooling tower and mechanical-draft cooling tower.

In time running in fan mode we managed to remove during a half an hour thermal loading in 60 megawatt. Working in a mode without the fan, we now completely can provide factory with water with necessary temperature.

There is one more feature. During operation classical cooling tower with insufficient loading at minus temperature there can be problems. From below cooling tower ice blocks are formed. Thus they close air inlet windows, cooling tower is exposed to frost on through and is not so capable to work further. In our new cooling tower it is impossible. It becomes cold – we will disconnect an internal contour, and external forms a thermal wall. Becomes even colder – we will lay drop catcher, is even colder – we will remove a part of irrigating elements. Thus, we will provide stable work of systems of water cooling.

Today on one this cooling tower we remove necessary quantity of heat which acted in film earlier on two cooling towers.

Building was supervised by the developer of this project – holding of the enterprises of OOO "ТМИМ"

And by their estimation, for today it is the best градирня in branch. Especially developers were amazed with execution of civil and erection works. Very important in this system accurate execution of horizontal marks of water distributive system. We have achieved a deviation in high-rise marks within 5 millimeters that guarantees accurate work of each element and use of all area of water cooling. On this cooling tower it is possible to reach any operating modes.

If to speak about economy. First, with introduction of this project we have received economy at the expense of sharp reduction drop lose as last workings out drop catcher are introduced.

The economy will be and from decrease in temperature of direct water on petrochemical manufactures. Besides, work regulation cooling tower is reached without any additional expenses.

Conclusions by results of modernization of water blocks of OAO "URALORGSINTEZ" the New technology of modernization of cooling tower has allowed to lower chilled water temperature on 5÷10 °С, has excluded cleanings of system of water distribution and atomizers, has reduced pressure in a turnaround collector on 0,5÷0,7 against 1,2÷1,4 before modernization that allows to increase a thermal pressure on heat-exchange to equipment in 2÷З time, at the expense of increase in speeds reduces suspension adjournment, increases between-repairs run, leads up unceasing run of the water block to 2÷3 years. The two-planimetric system allows to avoid frosting-up of cooling tower at the expense of moving of thermal loading on periphery of cooling tower. Power consumption has decreased from 4,35 Mwt/hour till 1,7 Mwt/hour in summertime and till 1,35 Mwt/hour during an autumn-winter-spring season, i.e. in 2,55÷3,22 time. Modernized cooling tower has replaced 2 cooling towers on a standard project and still has a stock of thermal capacity of 50 %. Application of new technology at other enterprises will allow to lower park of cooling towers in 2÷3 time, in as much time to reduce expenses for capital repairs.

Modernised cooling tower SK-1200 on ОАО "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" Salavat city, Bashkortostan republic.

For shop №56 factories "Monomer", OAO "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ", it is modernized cooling tower SK-1200. Irrigating blocks BOP-650K, drop catchers, atomizers SVR25М, and also the self-cleared water distributive system, made on energy saving technologies of OOO "ТМIМ" have been established. Parameters of cooling tower:

- Productivity on water - Q = 10000 m ³/hour.
- Fan type - VG-20
- Диаметр крыльчатки - 19800 мм.
- Impeller diameter - 19800 mm.
- Number of blades - 4 pieces
- Speed of rotation - 50 rpm.
- Angle of attack of blades - 11,5 °С
- Requirement of capacity on a shaft - 460 kw.
- Level of sound capacity - 88 Db (А)
- Productivity by air - 8460 thousand in m ³/hour.
- Statistical pressure drop - 115 Pa
- Specific weight of air - 1,15 kg/m ³
- Inlet water temperature - Т1 = 40 °С
- Outlet water temperature - Т2 = 25 °С
- Difference of temperatures - t = 15 °С
- Thermal capacity - W = 175 МВт.