Градирня БМГ-100Градирня БМГ-100A block type BMG-100 micro-cooling tower of the new generation consists of the modular metal carcass protected by corrosion-resistant coating. It has a sheeting of zinc plated panels with two sided zinc powder coating, a water-distribution system ensuring uniform water spraying over all cross-section area of the cooling tower, a plastic or steel drain pan with heavy antirust protection for gathering water (zinc plating + multilayer polymeric paint). Highly effective polymeric sprinklers and drift eliminators are made of polymeric modular elements easily moved at assembly and dismantling. Slow-go, multyvarying speed motor fan with a noise absorbing body and with improved aerodynamics. The ventilating fan is equipped with high-profile polished blades made of the multilayer fiberglass, manufactured per aviation technology. It is a low noise fan. The air is supplied by the ventilating fan in a mode of regulating of turns that allows to use an economic regime of water temperature control and to minimize electric energy consumption. The electric motor is three-phase, slow-go, has a full protection from corrosion and moisture penetration inside the motor, is cooled by outdoor air, windings and bearings have protection against high temperature, vibration monitoring is provided as well. A special mode for windings heating and drying is provided to preserve insulation in safe condition at lengthy downtime. Run time of the electric motor without repair is more than 70 000 hours or 8 years.
Parameters Unit of measurement BMG-100
Area of irrigation 6.25
Range of hydraulic loads m³/hr 60-160
Design hydraulic load m³/hr Individual calculations on the bases of initial data furnished by the Client
Thermal load, min. МCal/hr per calculations
Temperature zone of cooling оС per calculations
Inlet water temperature, max. оС 65
Drift elimination, max. % 0.02
Inlet water pressure, min m water column 8
Inlet pipeline diameter mm calculated as per hydraulic load
Outlet pipeline diameter at the exit from basin mm calculated as per hydraulic load
Quantity of nozzles pieces per calculations
Catch water tank active capacity liters 550
Catch water baffle boards capacity liters 350
Number of ventilating fans pieces 1
Diameter of the ventilating fan mm 2370
Number of blades pieces. 3÷5
Electric motor design power KW 7.5÷11
Mains voltage/frequency V/Hz 380/50
Electric equipment class of protection, not below   IP55
Noise level at a distance of 10 m, max. db 70
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 3290х2900х5195
Working mass kgs 2750
Soft start device, 2-speed operating mode, control, insulation drying pieces -
Frequency transducer (temperature control, anti-icing system) pieces 1
Reversing device (anti-icing) pieces -
Calculation is necessary at each design stage, which is carried out proceeding from the given initial data of the customer and features of climatic zones of location in order to ensure more effective and economic operating mode of the equipment.

List of companies operating the BMG-100 cooling towers

Nos. Client Contact person, position Contact telephones Объем поставок
1. АО VITA, Almaty City, Kazakhstan Vladimir V. Slonov, Technical Manager (3272)51-39-49,
BMG-100 3 off.
2. АPО Uzmetkombinat Bekabad City, Tashkent oblast, Uzbekistan Edem R. Ablyazizov, Shop Manager (10-998-71-91) 2-32-58, 2-22-24 BMG-100 2off.