BMG-1000 Detailed Technical Data

Parameter description Units BMG-1000
Area of irrigation 64
Hydraulic loading range m³/hr 450-1200
Hydraulic loading, design m³/hr Individual calculations based on initial data of the Client
Thermal load, minimum Mega Cal/hr As per calculations
Temperature zone of cooling °С As per calculations
Inlet water  temperature, maximum °С 65
Droplet entrainment, maximum % 0,02
Inlet water pressure, minimum m H2O c. 7
Inlet piping diameter mm Calculated as per hydraulic loading
Piping diameter at the outlet of the basin mm Calculated as per hydraulic loading
Number of nozzles pieces As per calculations
Operating capacity of water catch basin liters -
Water catch shields liters -
Number of fans pieces 1
Fan diameter mm 4980
Number of fan blades pieces 4÷6
Electric motor power (per calculations) kW 37÷55
Power voltage / frequency v/Hz 380/50
Equipment protection class, minimum - IP54
Noise level at a distance of 10 m, max db 70
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 8000х8000х9550
Weight kg 26000
Soft starting device, 2-speed mode, monitoring, insulation drying pieces 1
Variable speed drive (temperature control, anti-icing) pieces -
Reverse device (anti-icing) pieces 1
ОАО Zaporozhsteel, City of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Four BMG-1000 cooling towers were put into operation on December 22, 2007 under the following operating conditions: ambient temperature +5 °С, air humidity 90%. The performance figures were as follows:
  • Water throughput Q = 4000 m³/hour.
  • Fan capacity BG-50 Gair = 769 968 m³/hr.
  • Hot water temperature Т1 = 20 °С
  • Cooled water temperature Т2 = 10 °С
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 10 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 4000x10x1,163 = 46,5 MegaWatt.
ОАО Magnitogorsk metallurgical complex, City of Magnitogorsk, June 11, 2008.
BMG-1000 cooling tower (4 sections) equipped with BG-50 fan (55 kW) was installed in a relatively short time and near letter quality. The performance figures were as follows:
  • Water throughput Q = 3000 m³/hr.
  • Water flow rate per section Qсекц = 750 m³/hr
  • Hot water temperature T1 = 45 °С
  • Cooled water temperature T2 = 27 °С
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 18 °С
  • Thermal capacity W = 3000х18x1,163 = 62,8 MegaWatt.
ОАО Plastic, Tula region, City of Uzlovaya, BMG-1000 cooling tower, June 25, 2008.
In place of 3 sections 8х8, 1 section 8х8 only was installed, with BG-50 fan (30kW) of 5 blades.
  • Water throughput Q = 800 m³/hour.
  • Hot water temperature Т1 = 30 °C
  • Cooled water temperature Т2 = 23 °C
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 7 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 800х7x1,163 = 6,51 MegaWatt.

A Chimney Type Cooling Tower Revamping at Karaganda Power Station-3
ТОО Karagandy Zhilu, City of Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan (replacement by a fan type cooling tower)

In order to provide consumers in Karaganda with sufficient amount of electric energy during summer period, as well as for replenishment of energy deficit, TOO Karagandy Zhilu has signed a contract with ООО ТМIМ for delivery and installation of the fan cooling tower.
BMG-1000 cooling tower with 10 sections.
  • Water throughput for 10 cooling towers Q = 16000 m³/hr.
  • Hot water temperature Т1 = 42 °С
  • Cooled water temperature Т2 = 33 °С
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 9 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 16000x9x1,163 = 167,5 MegaWatt.
Steel structure of the old chimney type cooling tower has been dismantled from the top elevation of the chimney type cooling tower down to the air guides with water supply system and the basin preserved, making revamping project much cheaper for the Client.
“Power Station-3 provides 70% of heat supply and 100% of electric energy supply to the city. The process of cooling in the cooling towers is achieved by water sprinkling and bringing its temperature down by air flow moving upward. There are two cooling towers currently in operation at the power station. Those were not enough to cope with the task of cooling the hot water. Therefore, after the heating season was over, restrictions were usually imposed on electrical consumption in summer time. The total amount of electric energy consumed was 150-160 МWatt. Such a situation usually created deficit of electric energy in the region”, - according to the Director General of ТОО Karagandy Zhilu, Andrey Lyapunov.
“These cooling towers have been manufactured in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan, - says the Director of TOO Transstroygroup, Bolat Amanbaev, -This is a know-how in Kazakhstan now. It consists of 10 sections and contains 15 times less of metal components. It incorporates a lot of up-to-date electronic devices and easy-to-use instrumentation. But what is more important is a mechanical exhaust system of ventilation. In the old cooling towers water was cooled in a natural way. Consequently, icing mound occurred in winter, which used to damage the tower elements when breaking loose. Here, instead, we have a special powerful fan that saves time and brings losses to a minimum. Another important factor – this new technology enabled us to increase generation of electric energy by 50 Megawatt.
Maintenance of standard chimney type cooling towers in good running order is very costly because they are rather big, 60 and 80 meters high. The third cooling tower, in place of which a new one was installed, had been out of service since 1995.
The new BMG-1000 fan cooling tower of 10 sections is a unique one and represents equipment of a new generation. It is only 9 meters high, new design will facilitate maintenance and minimize repair costs. It operates on quite a different principle compared to existing standard cooling towers – water in it will be cooled by air flow generated by the fans. All these innovations will enable us to provide the population of Karaganda city with sufficient applied volume of electricity in summer season.
At Open Company factory "Syntez OKA" Dzerzhnsk city the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Cooling tower BMG-1000 is started in work two-section fans cooling tower
Instead of 3 section cooling tower 8х8. Thermal capacity of a new saltern twice above than at the typical.

In Dzerzhinsk city(Nizhniy Novgorod region) Open Company company "Syntez OKA" is spent reconstruction of the water block of cooling towers.
Parameters Before reconstruction on 3 section cooling tower 8х8:
  • Productivity on water Q = 1600 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 28÷31 °C.
  • Temperature of hot water T1 = 32÷35 °C.
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 4 °С.
  • Thermal capacity W = 6400 GCal.
  • Capacity of the fan = 111 кWt.
Parameters After reconstruction on 2 section cooling tower 8х8:
  • Productivity on water Q = 2121,6 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water T1 = 29,8 °C.
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 23,7 °C.
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 6,1 °С.
  • Thermal capacity W = 12 941 GCal.
  • Capacity of the fan = 110 kWt.

ВConclusion: Thermal capacity 2 section fans cooling towers BMG-1000 in 1,98 times above than at 3 section, these parameters are reached at extreme heat (45 °С)!!!!. The temperature of chilled water doesn't exceed 24 °С !!!, at temperature of additional water 26 °С!!!
Tel for inquiries: The assistant to the main thing power on thermal and gas supply Sudakov R.V (8313) 27-25-03, fax (8313) 27-25-13
NEW! Four-section cooling tower BMG-1000 on Open Society "Voronezhsyntezkauchuk" Voronezh city.
Less than for five months at factory new four-section blochno-modular cooling tower BMG-1000 on pool of worn out cooling towers СК-400 is mounted.Hydraulic loading of 4 sections of cooling tower BMG-1000х4 in 2 times above than was on СК-400!
According to the Certificate of starting-up and adjustment tests of a cooling tower № 3 branches 100а from August, 31st, 2010 are reached parameters:
Actual parameters of work make:  
  • Productivity on water Q = 3800÷4000 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 37,7 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 24,7 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 13 °C
  • Thermal capacity, W = 57,45÷60,47 МegaWatt/hour.
  • Fan capacity = 7 million. m³/hour.
he cooling tower is connected to system ASUTP that allows to supervise and operate cooling towers work far off.