The detailed characteristic cooling towers BMG – 2000

  1. You receive the new and import equipment with service life more than 15 years !!!
  2. You receive power saving up equipment, power consumption decreases in 1,5÷2 time!!!
  3. You receive the fan with protection against a moisture IP-65, soft start-up, the control and drying of isolation of the electro-engine that excludes annual dismantle and the fan installation, which resource more than 70000 hours.
  4. You receive градирню with electronic system of an antiicing in a power saving up mode (a backspacing on 30 % of capacity of the fan)
  5. You receive cooling tower with thermal capacity twice above than under the thermal project т.е you receive two градирни, and the second is free. For example at modernisation градирни BG-900 building new at the price of 70 million руб from modernisation 2 BG-900 is excluded. On Magnitogorsk Metallurgical industrial complex the economy - 120 million rbl. is received.
parameter Unit of measure BMG-2000
The irrigation area 144
Range of hydraulic loadings m ³/hour 1000-2500
Hydraulic loading settlement m ³/hour Individual calculation under the initial data from "Customer"
Thermal loading, not less Mkal/hour By calculation
Температурная зона охлаждения °С By calculation
The maximum water temperature on an input, no more °С 65
Drop ablation of water, no more % 0,02
Pressure of water upon an input, not less Metre of a water column 7
Diameter of pipelines on an input mm Settlement on hydraulic loading
Diameter of the pipeline on an exit from pool mm Settlement on hydraulic loading
Quantity of atomizers Piece By calculation
Volume of a water modular bath the worker Litres -
Volume of water modular boards Litres -
Quantity of fans Piece 1
Diameter of the fan mm 6980
Quantity of blades Piece 4÷6
Capacity of the electric motor (by calculation) kWt 37÷90
voltage/frequency a current In/gts 380/50
Degree of protection of an electric equipment, not more low   IP54
Noise level on distance of 10 m, no more Decibel 70
Overall dimensions (length, width, height) mm 12000х12000х11800
Weight the worker kg 52000
The device of soft start-up, 2х a high-speed mode,
The control, isolation drying
Piece 1
The frequency converter
(Temperature regulation, an antiicing)
Piece -
The device of a backspacing (antiicing) Piece 1
Calculation is necessary for more effective and economic operating mode of the equipment at each design stage which is carried out proceeding from the given initial data of the customer and features of climatic zones of operation.
ОАО "Mondi Business Paper" Syktyvkar timber industry industrial complex Cooling tower BMG-2000 (11 section)
Instead of one cooling tower BG-1600, 5 sections cooling tower are made
BMG -2000х5 for thermal power station on parametres:
  • Productivity on water on section Q = 2016 m3/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 37 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 25 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 12 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 2016x12x1,163 = 28,14 Megawatt.
Cost in 1,5 times is less, metal consumption in 30 times more low than in cooling tower. Cooling towerit is completely automated, there is an antiicing system. Are available Taking away air of jalousie (in the winter of jalousie are closed). Cooling tower power saving up, depth of cooling on 5-6 °С more low than at the tower.
Are made and ready to start-up of 6 sections of the water block cooling towers BMG-2000х6 - for evaporating shop on parametres:
  • Productivity on water on section Q = 1620 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 50 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 25 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 25 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 1620x25x1,163 = 47,11 Megawatt.
New technologies and the equipment will sharply reduce power consumption and water consumption to a unit of production. As the result - a fence of water from the river of Vychegda to be reduced from 339 thousand in m a day to 206 thousand in m².
Cooling tower BMG - 2000 Open Society "Nizhneserginsky MMZ" Revda city
  • Productivity on water Q = 4450 m³/hour.
  • Productivity fans VG-70M, Q = 1,7 Million in m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т2 = 55 °C
  • Temperature of cold water Т1= 35 °C
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 20 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 89 Gkal/hour.
  • Nfan consumption = 77 Kw/hour.
  • Capacity of the fan N = 90 Kw.
    Телефон для справок: гл.энергетик Щелоков С.Г. 34397) 2-67-15
Cooling tower BMG - 2000 Open Society "Minudobrenya" Rossosh city.
Productivity fans VG-70M, Q = 1,7 Million in m³/hour.
Productivity on water Q = 1375 m³/hour.
Temperature of hot waterТ1=29÷31 °С
Temperature of cold waterТ2=16÷19 °С
Air temperature + 15÷19 °С
Difference of temperatures∆t = 11÷15 °C
Thermal capacityW = 15,1÷20,6 Gkal/hour.
Power consumption of the fan N = 90 Kw.
Rated current 145А
Phone for inquiries: Main.Operating energy Amelin V.М, (47396) 2-18-30
Were present: Open Company "TMIM"
The chief-engineer Minnigulov А.H., Main Operating energy Zainullov R.N.
Open Society "Minudobrenya"
Main Operating energy Amelin V.М., main mechanic Gecman V.G., The production manager of ammonia
Shtro I.B., The chief of shop АМ-2 Babakin S.N., Operating energy shops АМ-2 Pryadkin V.P.,the mechanic of shop АМ-2 Gordienko К.V.
Have considered work of blocks В,G (section 5,6,7,8) After the executed works on reconstruction градирен it agree Open Company "TMIM" project. IIn the course of start-up-adjustment have defined following characteristics of work of blocks V, G a water turnaround cycle.
Hydraulic loading on each section VG-5, VG-6, VG-7, VG-8 - 1375 m³/hour.
Irrigation density - 9,55 m³/m² hour.
VG-5/1 Тhot - 31,3°С,Тcold-19,8 °С ∆t-11,5 °С
VG-5/2 Тhot - 32,2 °С, Тcold - 19,4 °С ∆t - 12,8 °С
VG-6/1 Тhot- 32,4 °С, Тcold-19,6 °С ∆t-12,8 °С
ВГ-6/2 Тhot - 32,8 °С, Тcold - 20,8 °С ∆t - 12,0 °С
ВГ-7/1 Тhot- 32,4 °С, Тcold-19,0 °С ∆t- 13,4 °С
ВГ-7/2 Тhot - 31,7 °С, Тcold - 17,9 °С ∆t - 13,6 °С
ВГ-8/1 Тhot - 29,3 °С, Тcold-18,0 °С ∆t-11,3 °С
ВГ-8/2 Тhot - 31,8 °С, Тcold-16,1 °С ∆t -15,7 °С
Thermal loading from one bowl
VG-5 -19,51 Gkal
VG-6 -19,83 Gkal
VG-7 -21,59 Gkal
VG-8- 21,59 Gkal
Air expense:
VG-5- 1,693 Million in m³/hour.
VG-6 - 1,696 Million in m³/hour.
VG-7 - 1,688 Million in m³/hour.
VG-8- 1,72 Million in m³/hour.
Air temperature Тdry - 15,0 °С, Тwet - 13,0 °С
Water pressure on atomizers P - 5,5m
On water distributive system atomizers SVR-25M1 (with conic "deaf" inserts) are established.
The given indicators are removed at installation of fans NORD Р-90 Kw, n - 191 rpm on VG-5, VG-6, VG-7, VG-8.
Start of fans is made with the device of smooth start-up АS 11-06 "TRIOL" company (St.Peterburg city)

Cooling Tower BMG - 2000 (2 section F = 144 m²) Open Society "Minudobrenya" Rossosh city.
  • Productivity on water Q = 2750 м³/час.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1=45 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2=30 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 15 °C
Cooling Tower BMG-2000 (3 section F = 144 m³) On Open Society "KyibishevAzot" Tolyatti city.
Number one after another The name of indicators, conditions The technical project Before reconstruction of a water turnaround cycle 7 After reconstruction of a water turnaround cycle 8
1 Hydraulic loading, Q, m³/hour 4500 4500 5550
2 Temperature of hot water, Т1, °С 32 27 23,1
3 Temperature of cold water Т2, °С 25 23,1 12,9
4 Difference of temperatures, ∆t, °С 7 3,9 10,2
5 Air temperature, υ, °С 28,5 8,3 5,9
6 Air temperature on the moistened thermometer, , ° С 20 5,5 4,0
7 Relative humidity of air, φ, % 44 62 73,4
8 Thermal capacity, W, Gkal/hour. 31,5 17,55 56,61
9 Specific current consumption Kw/hour on Gkal/hour. - 14,0 4,3

Cooling tower BMG-2000 (3 section F = 192 m2) On Open Society "Salavatnefteorgsintez" Salavat city.
  • Productivity on water Q = 3000 m³/hour.
  • Thermal capacity W = 3000х12,4х1,163 = 43,2 Megawatt.
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 12,4 °C

  I section №19 II section №20 III section №21
I of the engine (М/r 55 кВт,
168 rpm, Iном= 100А)
90,1А 95,1А 90,1А
Hydraulic loading
On section m3/m2 ·hour
4,17 4,17 4,17
Temperature of hot water 30 30 30
Temperature of cold water 17,6 17,7 18,6
Productivity fans 1524812 m³/hour. 1505036 m³/hour. 17659584 m³/hour.

Cooling tower BMG-2000 (3 section Fsection= 144 m²) Open Society "TAIF-NK" Factory of gasolines Nizhnekamsk city.
  • Productivity on water on cooling tower Q = 4500 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 35 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 24 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 11 °C
  • Productivity fans VG-70 (75Kw) Gв = 1317 m³/hour.
  • Thermal capacity W = 4500x11x1,163 = 57,57 Megawatt
Phone for inquiries: the Chief Shops Kinzibaev А.F 8(8555) 38-17-79
The Yaroslavl thermal power station-3 Replacement cooling tower BG-1600 on 4 sections BMG-2000.
Operating градирня BG-1600 and a skeleton of the second cooling tower BG-1600 on which base has been established four-section cooling tower BMG-2000x4
Four-section cooling towers BMG-2000х4 on not completed skeleton cooling tower BG-1600
  • The irrigation area S = 181 m2
  • Productivity on water (on section) Qsection = 3000 m3/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 38 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 28 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 10 °С
  • Capacity of the fan VG-70-4(5) = 90Kw.

Cooling tower BMG-2000 (3 section) Open Company «Tomskneftehim» Tomsk city.
  • Productivity on water Q = 6400 m³/hour.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 28 °С
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 23 °С
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 5 °С
  • Thermal capacity W=6400x5x1,163=37 Megawatt.

Cooling tower BMG-2000 on Open Society «Millerovsky masliekstracionnyi zavod» Group of companies "ASTON" of Millerovo, the Rostov region
  • Productivity on water Q = 2200 м³/час.
  • Temperature of hot water Т1 = 33 °C
  • Temperature of cold water Т2 = 27 °C
  • Difference of temperatures ∆t = 6 °C