A block type BMG -350 micro-cooling tower of the new generation differs from BMG-210 in overall dimensions (4772х4600х7900mm), in irrigation area (16m2), in electric motor power (22÷30 KW), but it also consists of the modular metal carcass. It has highly effective polymeric sprinklers and drift eliminators. Slow-go fan with a noise absorbing body and with improved aerodynamics. The air is supplied by the ventilating fan in a mode of automatic regulating of turns that allows minimizing electric energy consumption. The electric motor is three-phase, slow-go, sizing is selected as per the calculations of power required, it has a full protection from corrosion and moisture penetration inside the motor, it is cooled by the outdoor air, windings and bearings have protection against high temperature, vibration monitoring is provided as well. A special mode for windings heating and drying is foreseen to preserve insulation in safe condition at lengthy downtime.
Run time of the electric motor without repair is more than 70 000 hours.
By contrast to a standard СК-400, 4 cooling towers of BMG-350 Type have
Wbmg = 16х4х21х10х1.163 = 15.6 МW. 1 cooling tower of СК-400 Type has
Wск-400 = 380х6х6х1,163 = 15.9 МW. Nconsumed = 30÷50 KW, at Ninstalled = 88KW. There is no need in a lifting crane, blades of 5kgs are easily installed manually. It takes only 7 days to complete installation. Price for the 4 BMG-350 cooling tower is 10 million rubles

October 22, 2008. ОАО Voronezhsyntezkauchuk, City of Voronezh.

In place of СК-400 cooling tower were installed 7 sections of BMG-350 cooling tower, it took less than 1 month to complete installation.

    • Water capacity Q = 2400 m3/hr.
    • Hot water temperature Т1 = 36 °C
    • Cooled water temperature Т2 = 26 °C
    • Temperature differential ∆t = 10 °C
    • Thermal power W = 2400x10x1.163 = 28МW.

Synthetic Rubber Plant in the city of Voronezh. A standard СК-400 cooling tower was replaced by the sectional type BMG-350 cooling tower against order of AK SiburHolding. Thermal power of the standard СК-400 cooling tower was Wск-400 = 2000х6х1.163 = 13.95 МW. It had quite a number of serious design defects: in case of electric power failure they faced a lack of cooling, in summer time that caused emergency shutdown of compressors and brought about economic waste. There is no provision for thermal load adjustment at the standard СК-400 cooling tower. Fan power is only 250 KW.
An expensive, hard-to-find, costly heavy lifting crane DEMAG LIEBHERR LTM is needed to carry out repairs, maintenance, and change of fan blades. As a sectional type of cooling tower were used BMG-350 complete with a fan of 22 KW, incorporating automatic temperature control.
Price for one set of BMG-350 is 2.5 million rubles. Time for assembly: 1÷2 days.
Seven BMG-350 cooling towers can be assembled by a team of five men during 10 days. Installation is assisted by a truck-crane for 3 days. There is no need in a lifting crane for maintenance, adjustments, replacement of blades, because they are of 5kgs each only. This is an energy saving type of cooling tower, total power consumption of a water block consisting of 7 BMG-350 cooling towers does not exceed 50÷100 KW/hr in summer time, in other seasons fans are not used at all. They are fairly convenient in service, reliable in operation in all weathers, do not freeze around, thermal power is controlled automatically, discontinuous. They can be disengaged from the process side block by block for preventive maintenance. The number of blocks can be increased depending on the money available, which is very important in time of the world crises. For example, for an equivalent of the thermal load about 14 MW required are 4 BMG-350 for the price of 10 million rubles with a spare thermal capacity, whereas the actual power consumption will be around 25÷50 KW/hr. Installation takes only five days. Thanks to a perfect wedding of composite materials, present-day fans, thick-walled steel structures with polymeric coating, the lifetime of the cooling towers lasts up to 25 years before they would need the first repair.
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