We offer our Clients a self-contained water block on the basis of the packaged BMG-800 cooling tower, which can be installed on foundations (Greenfield project) and on the basins of the old cooling towers having the following dimensions: 8m х 8m, 12m х 1mм, 12m х 16m.
Cooling Tower BMG-800Advantages: self-contained block can be installed both on a new construction site and used for repair and revamping project. In this case necessity of repair of old circulating headers disappears. By disconnecting individual water blocks one by one, it is possible to solve the problem of complex modernization and decrease the volumes of the water blocks two times, with increase in their heat rating and decrease of power consumption by them due to full automation and raise of their efficiency. For example, the water-block on the basis of BMG-800 can be installed on the "turn-key bases" for 2-3 months.
Parameter description Units BMG-800
Area of irrigation 44
Hydraulic loading range m³/hr 320-1000
Hydraulic loading, design m³/hr Individual calculations based on initial data of the Client
Thermal load, minimum МegaCal/hr As per calculations
Temperature zone of cooling °С As per calculations
Inlet water temperature, maximum °С 65
Droplet entrainment, maximum % 0,02
Inlet water pressure, minimum Metre of a water column 7
Inlet piping diameter mm Calculated as per hydraulic loading
Piping diameter at the outlet of the basin mm Calculated as per hydraulic loading
Number of nozzles pieces As per calculations
Operating capacity of water catch basin - -
Water catch shields liters -
Number of fans pieces 1
Fan diameter мм 3000
Number of fan blades pieces 4÷6
Electric motor power (per calcs) kW 22÷37
Power voltage / frequency В/Гц 380/50
Equipment protection class, minimum V/Hz IP54
Noise level at a distance of 10 m, max db 70
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 6740х6740х7260
Weight kg 21980
Soft starting device, 2-speed mode, monitoring, insulation drying pieces 1
Variable speed drive (temperature control, anti-icing) pieces -
Reverse device (anti-icing) pieces 1
Calculation is necessary for more effective and economic operating mode of the equipment at each design stage which is carried out proceeding from the given initial data of the customer and special features of climatic zones of cooling towers location.
ОАО Beloretsk Metallurgic Works, 2 sections of BMG-800 cooling tower
Two-section self-contained water-blocks of BMG – 800 cooling towers have the following parameters:
  • Water throughput Q = 1125 m³/hour
  • Hot water temperature Т1 = 33 °C
  • Cooled water temperature T2 = 26 °C
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 7 °C
  • Thermal capacity W = 1125x7x1,163 = 9,158 МegaW.
  • BG – 70 Fan power Nfan = 45 kW.
ОАО Yaroslavl’ Technical Carbon, City of Yaroslavl’, BMG-800 Cooling tower, 1 section.
  • Water throughput Q = 680 m³/hour
  • Hot water temperature T1 = 27.9 °С
  • Cooled water temperature Т2 = 17.2 °С
  • Temperature differential ∆t = 10.7 °С
  • Thermal capacity W = 680x10.7x1.163= 8.4 МW
  • Fan ВG-50-5-(5) 45кW
  • Two speed variation control, anti-icing mode (reverse speed at low revolutions per minute).