Firesafe sprinkler

The aerodynamic resistance factor is C = 7.8. Corrugated pipes in a sprinkler block are located strictly vertically, that ensures a high degree of uniformity in distribution of water on a surface of a tube. Any deviation from the verticality markedly upsets uniformity of water distribution, degrades an overall performance of the sprinkler block. As an example, we can compare the efficiency of the left blocks with efficiency of the vertical and inclined tubes in the cooling towers revamped at the OOO Caustic by OOO ТМIМ Company (see the opinion in reference list) which shows that efficiency of the cooling tower with sprinkler blocks of vertical tubes 1.5 - 2 times higher than that in the cooling tower with sprinkler blocks of inclined tubes.

Sprinkler blocks are made of low density polyethylene LDPE273-79 as per TU 2291-004-13015670-2005. A specific heat-exchange surface of a sprinkler is 66 m²/m3. Sprinkler blocks for cooling towers are manufactured of the following size (680х690) ± 25 х 650 ± 20 mm. Sprinkler blocks are assembled of hexagonal corrugated tubes. Corrugated tubes have inclined fins for laminar-turbulent transition of streams and an increase of heat-and-mass transfer. Power of the cooling tower with vertical tubes W2 is 1.57 times higher, than that in the cooling tower with inclined tubes W1. W2/W1 = 1.57 times

With the purpose of insurance a fire safety we assemble and deliver to our Customers sprinklers made of self-extinguishing PVC produced under EU standards. This is a rolled stock hard PVC corrugated sheet produced without softeners and without toxic heavy metals Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb. In construction they look like blocks assembled of cross wave type sheets with 20 mm channels and corrugated surface, size 2400х300х300 or 1200х300х300 mm. Color is black, light-tight with high technical quality, good chemical resistance, average impact strength, big surface of cooling, high cooling ability.

It is also possible to install a tubular framework made of LDPE, that is an additional protection from fire.